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Do I have to tell the bankruptcy court about everything?

Simple answer: YES!

Our philosophy in filing a personal bankruptcy case is to disclose everything and hide nothing in our bankruptcy filings.  Most of the time oversharing is in your best interests and undersharing will just get you in trouble.

For example, if you owe money to your grandmother and you plan on paying her back you MUST still list her as a creditor.  I use the word “must” because it is not optional.  You may not omit any creditor, no matter how much you like them.  That being said you can pay anybody you like back following your case, be that American Express or grandma.  It is in your best interests to sit down and have a candid chat with her, let her know you are filing and that you plan on paying her back when your case is over.  This way you avoid a problem with the bankruptcy trustee and the FBI.

Not sure if you have to disclose your asssets, check out our list of items that must be listed in your bankruptcy case and the consequences of failing to list these items.

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