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How to Avoid Foreclosure Scams

There are so many foreclosure scams out there now.  I feel like as a personal bankruptcy attorney I get to hear about all of them several times a week and my response is the same as it is with every other easy fix out there, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

There are a couple of really good tip offs that you are dealing with a foreclosure scam and not the real thing.

The first is that you live in New Jersey and the “assistance program” you are using is based on Ohio and not affiliated with any government agency or mortgage company.  This should be a dead giveaway.  If you are seeking assistance for a home in New Jersey, there are non-profit housing counselors in New Jersey that can help you.  You shouldn’t be paying someone in Florida to do this for you.

The next big tip off is that they ask you to pay them instead of paying your mortgage company.  This will get any personal bankruptcy attorney’s spider sense tingling when you tell us about how they are helping you.  We immediately become concerned because whatever you paid them is now gone.\

For more foreclosure scam tip offs visit our foreclosure scam list or call one of our Middlesex County bankruptcy attorneys at 732-302-9600!