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Bankruptcy Terminology Decoded!

It has happened to every person that has ever consulted a bankruptcy attorney.  You sit down with the attorney you found in the phone book and they start talking about creditors, stays, 341 hearings, and schedules…and all you can think is “What the heck is this this guy talking about?”

A lot of personal bankruptcy attorneys like to use $300.00 an hour language with their clients.  I don’t do that.  I am of the opinion that clients are looking to you for guidance and part of that guidance is explaining to you what words mean.  Unfortunately, there isn’t always a good synonym for one of these words so we have a list of what some of the more common bankruptcy terminology mean on our website ready for you to review before your appointment, after your appointment, or whenever else you may need it.

If the list isn’t good enough, you can always call me and we can talk about how to handle your financial problems in plain english or fill out our online consultation form and I will call you.

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