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What to Expect at your 341 Hearing

Ok.  So you have filed personal bankruptcy and your bankruptcy attorney says that you will have to attend a Section 341 hearing.

So what does this mean?  Are you going to be there by yourself? Is it in front of a judge? What are you going to be asked?  What if you don’t know the answer?

These are all perfectly natural questions.  You have never filed personal bankruptcy and it is not your job to know all the information there is to know about a bankruptcy.  That is why you hired a great personal bankruptcy attorney right?

Good thing you came to us.

Your Section 341 hearing will he held in either Trenton, Newark, Camden, or Robbinsville, depending upon the Chapter you filed and where you live.

The hearing will not be in front of a judge.  The Trustee assigned to administer your case will conduct your hearing.  This will be done in a conference room with.  Everywhere but in Robbinsville you will be permitted to listen to the other hearings being conducted.  If you hear a question you can’t answer, tap your attorney and have a quick conversation about the questions so that you will be prepared.

When it is your turn you will present your photo id and social security card to the trustee and he/she will verify your identity.

Once your trustee has verified your identity they will over a pretty standard set of questions which can be found here.  Some trustees may ask you how you got in your financial situation.  There is no wrong answer to this question.  I have had some brutally honest clients along the way, one of them legendarily told the trustee they had a gambling problem, and it has always worked out fine.

I once had an attorney tell me that clients worrying about their 341 hearing were “Wasting a worry.”  I agree.

Haven’t filed bankruptcy yet and are looking for a great attorney to represent you at your 341 hearing give us a call at 732-302-9600 or fill our our five minute consultation and we will call you.