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Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

I get the same question from all my new clients.  Every single time.

“How do I rebuild my credit if I file bankruptcy?”

I love this question because I get to give them both good news and a yet more compelling reason to file personal bankruptcy.

1.  Your credit can be rebuilt.

2.  Your credit will be rebuilt fast by filing personal bankruptcy than it will be if you spend the next seven years trying to get out of debt by doing payment plans with your creditors that will be very expensive.

Personal bankruptcy is a financial tool that allows the debt you are drowning in to be wiped out and give you a fresh start.  This means that instead of treading water in a payment plan the debt is gone and instead you can focus on moving forward.

But how do you move forward?  MSN money recently posted some excellent tips on rebuilding you credit after a bankruptcy and we have re-posted them for you.

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