Living in Bankruptcy Confusion? Escape The Stress! Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On.

So your bankruptcy case is over…what now?

I am inevitably asked this question either during the initial bankruptcy consultation or immediately after the hearing:

“What do I do now?  How do I rebuild my credit?”

My response is that each person handles the rebuild after a bankruptcy case a different way.  Some of my clients don’t want to see a credit card again for the rest of their natural life, others want to get a credit card right away and have to be reminded that they have to wait for their case to be over.

The most important thing to remember about rebuilding after a bankruptcy case is that there is more to it than just going out and rebuilding your credit.  You need to rebuild a financial existence that includes emergency savings, retirement savings, careful budgeting to avoid getting into the same financial situation that caused your bankruptcy case.

I know, this is easier said than done, but we are here to help.  New Jersey Bankruptcy attorney, Bruce C. Truesdale recently wrote this article on how to rebuild your financial house after a bankruptcy, not just your credit.

Remember, if you ever have questions you should feel free to call your bankruptcy attorney and ask questions about how to rebuild.  We are happy to help you before and after your case.

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