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Why Tax Time is The Perfect Time to Redo Your Budget

I know, I know.  You are up to your eyeballs in math and receipts right now and the last thing you want to do is spend yet more time with those receipts but I have to make the following suggestion/assertion:

Now is the PERFECT time to update your budget.

Please hold the groans and just hear me out here.  You have all the documents you need to do this in front of you.  They are organized into neat piles and you have annual numbers to use.  This is going to be easy!  All the work is done, you just have to divide by twelve and you are all set!

Ok so maybe it isn’t quite that easy and I know that budgets are hard to make an even harder to live so I have tried to make your lives a little easier by writing this article about creating a perfect and realistic budget.  Check out the article, gather you documents and check update the budget off of your to do list today.

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