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Is It Harder to File Bankruptcy?

A question our office has been getting a lot lately is “Can I even file bankruptcy anymore?”

This is because in 2005 the bankruptcy code was changed in order to make it more difficult to file a bankruptcy.  Now you have to qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 payment is not quite so easily calculated as before.   The end result is that it is not more difficult to qualify for a bankruptcy case but it is more difficult to prepare one and most consumers will need an attorney to prepare their case these days rather than going it alone (something we would never recommend to our clients EVER).

But worry not.  We are here to help!

For information on the Chapters of bankruptcy available you check out our video explaining how to qualify.

We have articles on what will happen to your house or your car if you file a bankruptcy and how a bankruptcy is better than a debt settlement plan.

Most importantly, you can call us at 732-302-9600 or fill our our online consultation form and we will give you advice specific to your circumstances and be happy to go over any questions you may have about how to get your financial house back in order.