Living in Bankruptcy Confusion? Escape The Stress! Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On.

Bankruptcy Timeline

nj bankruptcy timeline

  1. Realize that you need to get out of your situation.
  2. Call Bruce Truesdale, PC for your FREE consultation.
  3. After retaining us, inform your creditors. We deal with the phone calls.
  4. Complete Bankruptcy forms provided by us and prompt return.
  5. Approve Case and File. Creditors are automatically stayed from collections!
  6. Attend Court hearing with us. 
  7. Attend Debtor Ed. class to learn secrets creditors don’t want you to know.
  8. Get discharge in the mail. You now have your fresh start!
  9. Living without debt lets you save money and build wealth.
  10. Review Credit Report. Make sure creditors reported your discharge.
  11. Buy a dream home with your good credit!


Ever wonder what the process for filing bankruptcy is? With Bruce C. Truesdale, PC you can follow the time line above to learn how simple and easy it is to go from the realization that you need help to starting your life over with good credit. We are with you every step of the way.



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