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Bruce C. Truesdale Testimonials

“Thorough and Knowledgeable”

By: Chapter 13 client, 8/15/2011

Overall rating: Excellent

Mr. Truesdale is an outstanding, knowledgeable, and reliable attorney. He clearly knows bankruptcy law and takes great pride in his work. I would recommend him without hesitation.


“Fantastic Lawyer!”

By: Chapter 13 client, 5/31/2011

Overall rating: Excellent

I am so glad I found Mr. Truesdale. He impressed me with his kindness, his knowledge, and his promptness in responding to calls and e-mails. He made a difficult time in my life easier and less stressful. I highly recommend him.


“Choosing Mr. Truesdale as our lawyer was the best decision we ever made”

By: Chapter 13 client, 5/4/2011

Overall rating: Excellent

Our decision to file chapter 13 bankruptcy was scary and humiliating. Mr. Truesdale, as well as his office staff, made the entire experience absolutely painless. He explained the entire process to us, answered every question that we had, responded to our phone calls and emails the same day they were placed, made us feel confident and comfortable with his expertise and experience, and above all, he and his office staff never made us feel ashamed of what we were doing. Our bankruptcy was a completely smooth process. When I emailed Mr. Truesdale a year into the bankruptcy he responded immediately.
I would recommend Mr. Truesdale to anyone. He was the light at the end of a very long black tunnel.


“An attorney with integrity, experience & knowledge. Simply Outstanding”

By: a Chapter 7 client, 9/29/2010

Overall rating: Excellent

Let me start by saying that I have been extremely satisfied with the exceptional service that Mr.Truesdale’s firm has provided me. Mr. Truesdale and his associates made me feel cared for and special.
When I met Mr. Bruce Truesdale and Ms. Sarah Crouch, right away I noticed they were very professional and passionate for what they do and have in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy laws. Their knowledge was evident as they swiftly and expertly handled my case with an outcome that resulted in nothing more than a fine.
I will definitely suggest their services to any of my friends or relatives if they will ever experience any financial problems.


“Bruce’s review”

By: Sharon Toohey, a Chapter 7 client, 9/20/2010

Overall rating: Excellent

Bruce was an excellent help in my situation and I have already referred one person to him and have one more coming to him.


“Mark and Carla’s Review on Bruce C Truesdale”

By: Mark, a Chapter 13 client, 4/19/2010

Overall rating: Excellent

Bruce has been very professional and upfront with both Carla and I. He has explained the consequenses of going through bankruptcy. He has indicated that this was the best choice for what financial complications Carla and I have been going through. We have requested certain provisions and Bruce has accomadated us the best he could. Bruce was very coordial and thourgh on his approach in leading us to all the facts and tribulations. Bruce seems to be a very competent attorney and is very knowledgable in the bankruptcy laws. We thank Bruce for his patience with me and Carla and I appreciate his handling of our case in a most upfront manner. I would also like to acknowledge his assistant attorney Sarah for her professionalism and knowledge in the bankruptcy field. If Sarah did not know the answer she was upfront and was quick to respond on a timely manner.



By: Laura, a Chapter 13 client, 10/15/2009

Overall rating: Excellent

Very professional, efficient and understanding. I would definitely recommend Mr. Truesdale for your credit/bankruptcy needs!


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