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Other Practice Areas

Municipal Court,  Traffic Violations, and DWI

The Law Office of Bruce C. Truesdale, PC is ready to help you with your motor vehicle violations.  Our office has obtained results for our clients over and over again.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty of a motor vehicle violation.  Pleading guilty to a a minor traffic offense or a serious DWI may seem like the easy way out but it can lead to substantial fines, points on your licence, and maybe even motor vehicle surcharges.  Do not take these penalties lightly.  Motor vehicle points can cause a significant rise in your car insurance rates and when you have too many they can lead to a suspension of your license.  An experienced municipal court attorney knows that the prosecutor bears the burden of proving that you are guilty and can navigate the often complex codes involved in not only your violation but in a possible plea deal.

Hiring the law office of Bruce C. Truesdale means hiring attorneys that are here to work hard to defend YOUR case and obtain the best result for you.

Family Law

Our firm is happy to have added family law to our practice areas as we continue to expand to meet our client’s needs.  Sarah J. Crouch, Esq. is happy to review your prospective divorce or child support issue.  Our office will offer compassionate representation to you as we guide you through what is one of the most difficult processes of your life.

Social Security Disability

Social Security is the safety net you have paid into your entire career.  It is supposed to be there to help you either in retirement or in the event of a cataclysmic injury.

Qualified applicants can apply and receive a monthly stipend for the rest of their lives.  However, many factors go into establishing the payment amount or if you will be approved at all.  In the event of a denial for benefits claimed based upon disability, benefits are routinely denied.  Prompt appeal is ESSENTIAL.  You are entitled to a hearing but you MUST appeal within 60 days.

Our office is happy to help you with the process right from the beginning to ensure that all deadlines are met, documents, submitted, and applications are approved the first time.

Name Change

New Jersey allows residents to legally change their names for many reasons. We find that many of our international clients have used multiple last names, various spellings, and nicknames in lieu of their proper name.  This can all cause problems when attempting to obtain legal documents, such as driver’s licenses due to strict new laws requiring multiple CONSISTANT identity proofs.

New Jersey name change law requires strict compliance with notice to a variety of State agencies and Courts, monitoring of timelines and proper listing of the application in local newspapers, at the right time. If timelines are missed, or non-compliance is determined to have occurred at certain points in the process, the application can fail. Time is wasted, money lost and the process can be frustrating.

Bruce C. Truesdale PC will get the job done right the first time. For more information on our name change legal service, please call our office today.

Property Tax Appeals

I don’t think we have to tell you the property taxes in New Jersey are high.  That seems pretty obvious at this point.  Even with the new “caps” on property taxes, New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation.   So what do you do when the township sends you a notice that your already high property taxes are going to go up again because of an assessment of your property that is clearly inaccurate?  Or maybe you have been suffering with a bad assessment for sometime?  The downturn of the market lowered your home’s sale value, shouldn’t it have lowered your property taxes along with it?

Our office will guide you through the process of appealing the assessment, bringing down your property taxes and saving your hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  We work with an experienced appraiser to ensure that your home is properly valued and whom has experience testifying as to the appropriate value of your home.

Remember, there are strict deadlines here.  Most tax appeals must be filed by April 1.  Call now for assistance in preparing your appeal.

Need our help with any of the above?  Call us at 732-302-9600 or fill out an online consultation form and we will call you!