I have a very specific goal every single time I talk to a prospective new client on the phone about a bankruptcy case.

I want you to feel better when we are done talking than you did when we started.

This does not always happen.  Sometimes, you will never feel better, it is a sad truth.  But MOST of the time, you do.  You really do.  And I know you think I am crazy.  How can talking to a bankruptcy attorney possibly make me feel better about my situation?  I mean, isn’t filing a bankruptcy case just going to make me feel worse?

The reason that talking to me will make you feel better is because right now you are lost.  You are wandering around aimlessly throwing money you don’t have at a bill that you are not even sure you should pay?  Am I right?  Talking to a bankruptcy attorney will give you a plan.  An actual step by step plan that you can follow to an actual endpoint in your financial distress.  We can give you a finish line.

And that is why you will feel better.  Because being lost and stressed out never helped anyone.  But having a plan.  That is everything.


Let us help you feel better.  Call us at 732-302-9600 or fill our our online consultation form and we will call you!


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