It is that time of year again!  The time of year when we all, even us bankruptcy attorneys, hunker down with our W-2s and do our tax returns.

For some out there this may be an unpleasant experience.  Maybe you will owe the IRS money this year or maybe you owe the IRS from prior tax years?

For a very long time a bankruptcy case could go a long way to helping debtors who were burdened by past due tax debt.  While those abilities have been restricted there is still hope for taxpayers in a bankruptcy case.

Check out bankruptcy attorney Bruce C. Truesdale’s new article on the five basic rules for discharging taxes in a bankruptcy case.


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“Which of my debts will disappear in my bankruptcy?”

This is a question that we are asked all the time in a first consultation.   It is important for clients to understand what debt they will still owe and what debts they won’t owe following a bankruptcy case.

The problem is that all too often there isn’t an easy or immediate answer to that question and, even worse, there is a lot of bad information circulating out there about what you can and cannot do in a bankruptcy case. posted this very basic article about what debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy case.  It is very simplified but it will give you a basic understanding of where you will be after your bankruptcy case.

However, if you owe tax debt it is critical that you speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney and disclose immediately that you owe tax debt so that the attorney can go over your bankruptcy options with regard to that debt.

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Let’s start with a basic truth:  Every single person who walks into my office wants to pay their debt.  They have usually tried every possible avenue to avoid sitting in my office, draining 401ks, borrowing money, making deals, and so much more.

But sometimes you just can’t pay what you don’t have.

Debt payment plans will work for some consumers out there but you have to ask yourself, just because it might work, should you do it?

This article from Fox Business outlines the differences, pros, and cons of filing a bankruptcy case versus completing a debt payment program with a credit counseling agency.

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Hurricane Sandy has affected us all, though some more than others.

As we as a state survey the damage and decide how to move forward many will struggle financially to get back on their feet after the storm.  Be it because of a job loss, home loss, or just more damage than can ever be repaired we are hear to help you through these tough financial times and advise you regarding your financial options.

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