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New Year, New Financial You: Assessing Your Financial Situation

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

By: Sarah J. Crouch The first step in establishing any kind of new financial existence for yourself is to make sure that you know where you are right now. I know.  This sounds basic.  And you probably have a one word answer for the “How are my finances now question?” BROKE. This may or may […]

Prepare Yourself For Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Preparing For Your First Bankruptcy Consultation By: Bruce C. Truesdale Talking to a bankruptcy attorney for the first time can be scary. Really scary. And it is scary for good reason.  Many of the people I meet with have never met with a lawyer in their life.  You are opening up to a strange and […]

My Least Favorite Bankruptcy Myth Ever.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

My Least Favorite Bankruptcy Myth Ever. by Sarah J. Crouch, Esq. This popped up on my facebook feed the other day…and caused me to fly into a rage.  An absolute screaming, howling, righteous, my husband thinks I am a nutcase rage. You may think: This seems innocuous enough.  I have no idea why you are […]